TJ Kelley


Like many in the Georgia Radio Alliance, TJ comes from the Atlanta radio days of the 90’s and 2K working for country giant Kicks 101.5 as the host of the highly-rated “Cryin’ Lovin or Leavin'” show, which eventually morphed into Kicks at Night, an upbeat often out of control show that helped him make his mark in radio.

Today, he’s a little calmer and gets to play all his favorite Classic Hits on FOX-FM!

I’ve always been kinda outta the box, and my delivery isn’t that professional radio announcer.  I used to think I wanted to be “The Morning Guy”, but there are rules when the sun is up..hahaha  It’s more like you just happened into my studio and caught me playing DJ, so as long as you’re HERE let’s have fun!”

The FOX-FM “At Work Network” is a fun and nostalgic journey through the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s with the All-Request Lunch starting at noon.  I graduated High School in Cleburne Texas in 1984, so ALL of this music is like a weekly class reunion.  I loved that time in my life, and I’m blessed I get to share bits and pieces with you.  Shoot me a note at if I can play something particular for you, but you have to tell me why 🙂 ”

Married to Margo, 3 adult kids Ash, Blake, and Garrison along with a grandson “EJ” that he’ll reference frequently and lives somewhere between Lizella and Peachtree City…we hope you’ll help us welcome back another Atlanta radio guy, and enjoy the “FOX-FM AT-Work Network” with TJ Kelley!

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